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Master Theses Regulation

Complete thesis regulation: catalan version



Administrative procedure for the Master's Thesis


The steps to finally get a Master's Thesis evaluated by a Committee are:

1. The Master's Thesis theme must be proposed and accepted by the Master Academic Commission. These proposals could be offered by professors or by people from companies without any student assigned to them, or with a student already assigned to them.

The proposals must be done through the intranet. If you don't have access to the intranet, please contact Merce Juan.


2. The inscription of the Master's Thesis. This step requires a previous acceptance of the Master's Thesis proposal. It is a reservation of the Thesis theme for a determined student, and the compromise of the student to do the work under the supervision of the advisor. The student has to deliver to the CS Department Secretariat the Master's Thesis inscription form in the date foreseen in the calendar, properly signed by the student and his/her advisor (or "ponent", a professor acting on behalf of the advisor, see later on).

3. Master's Thesis registration. This step must be done during the term when the student planns to finish the Master's Thesis work. The student must go the FIB Secretariat in the date foreseen in the calendar to complete the Thesis registration.

4. Master's Thesis advisor presentation authorization and Master Thesis document delivery. When the student has finished the Thesis work, he/she must present the Master's Thesis Advisor Presentation Authorization jointly with the Master's Thesis document. The Master's Thesis document must follow the usual scheme of a scientifical/technological work:

- Introduction
- Definition of the problem and definition of the goals
- State of the art/Analysis of related works and tools
- Methodology and strategies to solve the problem
- Technical development (requirements, design, implementation)
- Experimental or Theoretical results
- Evaluation of results
- Discussion (goals/results concordance) and conclusions
- Bibliographical and other references
- Annexes

5. All  Master's Thesis are written and defended in English.

The date foreseen in the calendar the student will have to deliver to the CS Department Secretariat four bound copies of the Thesis document and an electronic version copy (CD). It is mandatory that the document includes the specific Master's Thesis cover template required for a Thesis document.  The student will also have to deliver  the document of Agreement for the dissemination of Master’s Thesis via the website of the Libraries and Documentation Service of the Technical University of Catalonia.

The CS Department Secretariat will distribute the copies of the Thesis document to the members of the assigned  evaluation committee. The date, hour and place of the presentations will be announced through the web pages of the master in Computing, following the established calendar.

The time allocated for the Thesis presentation will be 30 minutes approximately.

Proposed Master Theses

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Master's Thesis developed in a company should be planned within the framework of an Educative Cooperation Agreement ("Conveni de Cooperació Educativa", CCE) between the University and the company for each student. This kind of agreements regulate the conditions for the student work at the company, such as the salary, the duration of the time to be devoted to the work, etc.
Students interested in these kind of Master Thesis should contact both the indicated person at the company and the Computing Academic responsible.
More information can be obtained at FIB, which is the administrative center of the MAI for the management of CCE's.

On-going Master Theses