In this page we provide the links to the most used forms in English. These and other forms can be found at the UPC Doctoral School page



Registration form for doctorate studies

Statement of commitment between doctoral candidate and thesis supervisor

Application for the authorization of a research stay for the International Doctorate mention [catalan]




The evaluation of the Academic Committee will be based on the documentation uploaded to Atenea-PhD

Research and activities progress report (candidate) 

The candidate  should incorporate all the performed research  activities in to the Drac  system and make them be part of the DAD.  Incorporate a single pdf to the DAD for activities that cannot be incorporated to Drac and another pdf with the updates and development of the Research plan.  

Research progress report (advisor/tutor) 

The advisor(s)/tutor have to endorse the activities and the updated  information on the research plan in  Atenea-PhD generating the DAD version each academic year. Please incorporate any relevant comments on the progress of the candidate.



Quality report and authorization of the thesis

Proposal of the thesis examination panel


Thesis rate record [catalan] document to include in one of the copies of the thesis document


TDX: Author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to TDX

Thesis summary with a  maximum of 4000 characters (.doc) 

UNESCO codes for the thesis summary forms

Related publications form for the thesis deposit 


Application for the issuing of an official university degree