PhD degree request

Request for the PhD degree

It is mandatory to present the request for the Ph.D. degree due completed, the DNI or passport, and the birth certificate (except foreigners) to the secretariat of the CS department, where the request tax will be generated.

In order to take up the Ph.D. degree receipt, the voucher of the request payment must be presented to the CS secretariat (public prices)
The CS secretariat will contact the applicant when the Ph.D. degree is received from the Spanish ministry.

Degree delivery

The official degree is delivered in person to the student, who has to identify himself/herself using the corresponding valid official document. If he/she is not able to take it up personally, he/she can authorize another person to do it by means of an original notarial power or a certified true copy of this power.

The student may ask the sending of his/her degree to the official dependency authorized by the Spanish ministry that is closest to his/her residence, in the case of residing in Spain but out of the Barcelona province, or to the embassy or consulate of Spain (or the country of his/her accredited nationality), in the case of residing abroad.

If the applicant requests a new issue of the degree, because the applicant wants that his/her name appears in a different manner as it was stated in the original request, he/she has to pay the corresponding duplicate tax.

Degree signature

Once the student has verified the accuracy of the data included in the degree, he/she must sign it.
The student must also sign the register book in order to confirm that the degree has been delivered.