Previous Curriculum Registration

Registration Procedure for Students of the Previous Curriculum (before 2008-09)




Doctorate programme registration
Registration Plan

Programmes structured according to RD 778/98

  • Thesis tutorship registration: students who have completed all the necessary credits and whose thesis project has been accepted, must register for tutorship each academic year until the actual reading of the thesis. This form must be signed by the thesis supervisor/tutor.

Students must present the registration application, signed by their tutor, to the unit with administrative responsibility for the doctoral programme. Other documents which must also be presented are:
  • Registration application form signed by the tutor(see forms section). For tutorial registration, this form must be signed by the thesis supervisor or tutor
  • Application for a UPC student card (Form C) with a recent photograph (see forms section).

NOTE: those entitled to exemptions from payment of the registration must provide supporting documentary evidence.

The unit with administrative responsibility for the Doctoral Programme will check the data provided and complete the registration. Registrations will be processed in arrival order and will be emailed to the applicant and to the department's secretary. In case any problem is detected the Doctorate Office contacts by email the student and the department at charge of the doctorate programme to solve it.

The student can do the registration payment at any 'La Caixa' branch. The payment can be done by direct debit if this option has been choosen on the registration application form and you have the bank account holder information with the bank's stamp or a photocopy of documentary proof of the bank account ownership. If the payment is by direct debit it can be divided into two instalments: the first instalment can be in cash or by direct debit but the second is always by direct debit and will be carried out from 15th december on (NOTE: registrations done into the second semester do not allow payment in instalments).

Cancellation of registrations
Failure to pay september registration fees, or september and december instalments, or February extension, if exists, within the stipulated period will lead to cancellation of registration with loss of any amounts already paid during the academic year and loss of any qualification obtained also in that academic year.

This university will demand the payment of any pending amount due to registration on previous academic years as a requirement to registration or for degrees or certificates requests.

Students admitted to a doctoral programme must, in consultation with the tutor assigned to them, prepare a registration plan for the present academic year. Registration can comprise: