Activity and progress reports. PhD students in the research phase of programs adapted to the EEES

15/06/2009 is the deadline for progress/activity reports


Nov 23, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)

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  • Compulsory for all the students enroled in the PhD programs Computing or Artificial Itelligence from the academic year  2007-2008 on,   in a tutoring period in this academic year.
  • Deadline: 15-6-09.
  • The reports have to be sent to the LSI secretariat, if possible in pdf format and by e-mail to merce at
  • For the evaluation the doctoral programme academic committee requires two independent reports, one by the student and another by his/her tutor or PhD advisor.

Phd-advisor/tutor Report (please be concise)

Annual report  on thesis development, academic year 2008-2009
issued by                 

  • Student data
Data of aproval of the thesis proposal (si s'escau)
          PhD Program:
  • Progress report
  • Recomendations (if any)
  • Previsions
Year of presentation (thesis/thesis proposal) :
Will the student opt for the European Mention?:

Student Report

Annual report  on activites related to the PhD program, academic year 2008-2009
  • Personal data
PhD Advisor/tutor:
PhD Program:
  • Contributions (journals, conferences, presentations, etc..)
  • Participations (conferences. workshops,  etc..)
  • Training (seminars, courses, schools, etc ..)
  • Mobility (Stays, etc ..)
  • Others
UPC applicable regulations

"The assessment shall consist of the issuing of an appraisal of satisfactory or unsatisfactory in terms of the proposal submitted and/or the extent to which the work done constitutes progres, and, where applicable, the issuing of a written report on the recommendations for complementary work and/or activities to be carried out by the student, with the aim of ensuring that those competencies defined in the goals of the programme are attained."

"The student has the right to the review of the results of the assessments. Any appeals against decisions on qualifications issued by the doctoral programme academic committee, or a panel appointed thereby, or by the doctoral committee at proposal thereof, shall be addressed to the rector, by means of an appeal that must be lodged within the period of one month from the day following receipt of the corresponding decision. The reply to the appeal shall mean that administrative procedures have been exhausted."

"Due to unsatisfactory assessment of  two consecutive tutoring periods,  students shall be automatically withdrawn from the doctoral programme. They may apply for readmission for the same course; however this must be in accordance with the procedures established by the university, and said applications will be considered in the same light as those from other candidates."