Robustness in Complex Systems

PhD Program in Computing Course


Nov 23, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)


Room S208 Omega Building

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Robustness in Complex Systems
Dr. Jared Saia, University of New Mexico

A partir del dia 22 de setembre del 2008, els dies 22, 23, 29, 30 de setembre i 1 d'octubre del 2008
(Els horaris que manquen us seran comunicats a partir del dia 22 de setembre per correu electrònic)
15 a 17 horas

What happens when there's no leader? Ants, the immune system, the human brain, economic markets, and the Internet do incredibly well without any strong centralized point of control. In this course, we will focus on:
1) exploring how and why these systems function so effectively and robustly;


2) delineating what can and can not be accomplished in such systems. We will focus specifically on three separate problems for large-scale leaderless systems:

    1) Byzantineagreement, or robust synchronization;

    2) Self-healing, i.e. preserving topological invariants even while nodes in the network are deleted;
    3) Inhibiting epidemic processes, or how to ensure an alert spreads faster than a virus in a large network.

The course is supported by "programa de movilidad de profesores para programas de doctorado con mención de calidad 07-08" and it is open to any interested person.