Course Schedules

This page is under construction. The complete schedules for course 2008-09 will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Fall Semester


Algorithmics and Programming
Subject name
Responsible teacher(s)
Computational Learning
Monday: 12-14 h
Wednesday: 9-11 h
Ricard Gavaldà
Logic and Algebra in Computers
Monday: 10-12 h
Tuesday: 12-14 h
Tuesday: 10-12 h
Wednesday: 12-14 h
Xavier Messeguer

Advanced Topics in
Distributed Computing
Thursday: 10-12 h
Friday: 12-14 h
Joaquim Gabarró

Advanced Topics in
Algorithmics and Complexity
Thursday: 12-14 h
Friday: 9-12 h
Maria Serna
Seminar on Algorithmics and Programming
Variable timetable
Antoni Lozano

There will be two courses by visiting teachers on September:

Sept. 8th, 9th, 10th: from 10 to 13 h
Sept. ?: from 15 to 17 h
Information Systems
Subject name
Responsible teacher(s)
Conceptual Modelling Tuesday and Friday
9-10.30 h
Information Systems Seminar Wednesday
11-14 h
Advances in Software Engineering Monday: 12-13.30 h
Friday: 10.30-12 h
Enterprise Information Systems Wednesday: 8-11 h  
Advances in Databases and Object Bases Tuesday and Thursday
12-13.30 h


Visualization, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction
Subject name
Responsible teacher(s)

Parametrical Modelling [UPC]


9-12 h

Robert Joan-Arinyo

Hierarchical and Complex Models, Visibility and Preprocess [UPC]


9-12 h

Pere Brunet

Real Time Advanced Visualization [UPC]

9-12 h

Pere Pau Vázquez

Visual Realitym Immersive Interaction, Usability and Presence [UPC]


9-12 h

Carlos Andujar

Geometric Processing [UPC]

(2nd Semester)

Carlos Andujar

Advanced Graphic Systems [UPC]

(2nd Semester)

Isabel Navazo



Spring Semester