Program structure, Research Plan and Activities



Program structure

The current regulation and the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) defines a unique period in Doctoral studies devoted to the development of the thesis work. 

The Academic Committee may require to be overcome specific additional training. In that case, will monitor training supplements taken and establish suitable criteria to limit its duration. Supplements may be research training or theoretical or scientific training, but never be required to doctoral student enrollment in an amount greater than 60 ECTS.
Supplements theoretical and scientific subjects will correspond to programs that constitute the degrees Master priority access to the program: Masters in Computing, Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics and Master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering.
Supplements research training courses will be scheduled within this guidance masters or supervised activities appropriations for research initiation

The Academic Committee may require the adquisition of complementary scientific background.  In that case, will determine and monitor the achievment of the additional training stablishing suitable criteria to limit its duration. Complementary courses cold be devoted to  research training or theoretical or scientific training, without overpassing the legal limit  of 60 ECTS.

Complementary courses will be selected from the curricula of the Master's degrees that grant priority access to the program: Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics and Master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering as well as other Master studies offered at UPC that cover the required skills. 

The students will have two opportunities for passing complementary courses, the required time will depend on the periodicity of the offer of the subjects that they have to pass.

Doctoral Training Activities

Doctoral students will be trained to obtain the knowledge and abilities to perform research of international quality in the area. This training will be composed by different activities that will lead to the elaboration and defense of a Thesis. 

Usually students will  not need to register for courses, but they must register every academic year for the tutoring they receive.  All the training activities must be registered in the Doctoral Student Activity Report (DAD).

In the following table provides the list of required training activities and the minimum  number of hours that must be devoted (in total during the three years period) to the activity.  All the perforemed activities shoul be included in the DAD.

Tutoring Discussion sessions and research work with the supervisor/tutor 180 Supervisor
Attendance and participation in the joint seminar, aimed at all participants in the program. With the objective of presenting the latest developments in the various research areas related to the program and most representative contributions of the research groups that support the program. 6 Seminar responsible
Seminars Seminars organized by the research groups that support the program. The doctoral students will have the opportunity to actively participate by presenting their contributions or a research article of interest. The seminars are open to all doctoral candidates to facilitate interdisciplinary training. 30 DAD
Courses Intensive courses (1 or 2 weeks, 10 hours per week) linked to mobility programs or research groups participating doctoral program. (*) 30 Course  grade
International Scientific Conference or Workshop Attendance to a international conference or workshop. 36 Certificate of attendance

(*) Under the supervisor/tutor guidance some of the transversal research activities offered by UPC must be selected.

Research Plan

The research plan provides an outline of the work the doctoral student is going to perform. It is  evaluated annually by the Academic Comission of the Program and presented publicly in the assigned period of the second course. It must include, at the very least, the methodology to be used and the objectives to be pursued, as well as the resources required and a timeline. The research plan must be updated every year coinciding with the period established for the annual evaluation. The document forms part of the DAD.

A satisfactory research plan is an essential requirement for continuance on the doctoral programme. If the research plan is deemed unsatisfactory, the doctoral student shall have six months to prepare and submit a new plan, which shall be evaluated by the academic committee for the doctoral programme. This committee shall, on an annual basis, once again evaluate the research plan, in addition to all other items listed in the Doctoral Student Activity Report.

If the research plan is deemed unsatisfactory in two
consecutive evaluations, the student shall be permanently dismissed from the programme.

If the doctoral student decides to change his/her thesis topic, he/she must submit a new research plan, the Academic Committee will determine whther the new research plan has to be presented publicly.

Previous mobility seminars

Mobility seminars and courses 2011-2012


Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
PENZENSTADLER, BIRGIT Technische Universität München (Germany) Environmental Sustainability in Software Engineering November 2011


LORIA (CNRS-INRIA-Nancy Université) (France) Formal Concept Analysis: Themes and Variations for Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Representation December 2011
SEIDEL, HANS-PETER Max Plank Institute-Saarbruecken (Germany) The Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction February 2011
GOLAS, ULRIKE Institute Berlin (Germany) Interactive Model Synthesis for Scenario Specifications April 2012
DE OLIVEIRA, MANUEL Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil) Adaptive Manifolds for Real-Time High-Dimensional Filtering (SIGGRAPH 2012) May 2012
DE OLIVEIRA, MANUEL Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil) Coding Depth through Mask Structure (EG 2012) May 2012
PAPAZOGLOU, MICHAEL University of Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Web Services & Service Oriented Architecture

May 2012 MAS2011-00625P
COLOM, JOSÉ MANUEL Universidad de Zaragoza ( Spain) Introduction to Petri Nets May 2012 2-MHE2011-00168
ROSEMBERG, GRZEGORZ University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) A Formal Framework for Processes Inspired by the Functioning of Living Cells May 2012 2-MHE2011-00168
SANTOS MÉNDEZ, AGUSTÍN Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) Quid Pro Quo: mecanismos para la asignación de tareas en entornos distribuidos May 2012
CHANDRAJIT BAJAJ LAL University of Texas. Austin (USA) Image Processing and visulization Juny 2012 MAS2011-00625P
FLUM, JOERG University of Freiburg (Germany) Máquinas de Turing y la indecidibildad del problema de parada Juny 2012
KRUCHTEN, PHILIPPE University of British Columbia
(Vancouver, Canada)
Software Architecture Knowledge Management in Practice Juny 2012 MAS2011-00625P
KAZUO IWAMA Kyoto University (Japan) Parameterized Testability September 2012


Mobility seminars and courses 2010-2011


Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
ATZENI, PAOLO Università Roma Tre
To Structure di Informatica e Automazione January
STEFANO, LEONARDI Università of Roma
Approximation algortihms for
hard combinatorial problems and games


3D Digitization for Cultural Heritage: plain color or surface reflection properties February
HERMANN, FRANCK Universität Trier (Germany) Analysis and Optimization of Model Transformations based on Triple Graph Grammars March 2011
HAVERAAEN, MAGNE University of Bergen. (Norway) Axiom-based testing April 2011
University Eindhoven
Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging models, uncertaing and its visualization May 2011
CLARK, ALEXANDER Royal Holloway University of London (UK) Unsupervised Learning of Context Free and Context-Sensitive Lenguages June 2011
CIESIELSKI, MACIEJ University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UK) Logic Synthesis and VerificationJune and July 2011 June and July 2011
LECUYER, ANATOLE INRIA. Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu (France) Pointing facilitation techniques for 3D object selection in virtual environments July 2011



INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (France) Computation models for embedded systems and their composition September 2011
PAHRINGER, BERNHARD University of Waikato (New Zealand) Moa, a short history September 2011
COHEN-OR Tel Aviv University (Israel) Urban Modeling November 2011



Mobility seminars and courses 2009-2010


Mobility seminars and courses 2009-2010
Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
ROLI, ANDREA Università di Bologna (Italy) An Introduction to Hybrid Metaheuristics September 2010 DCT2009-00098-P
DO SANTOS COEHO PAQUETE, LUIÍS FELIPE University of Coimbra (Portugal) Multiobjective optimization September 2010 DCT2009-00098-P
THILIKOS, DIMITRIOS University of Athens (Greece) Graph Minors: Proofs and Algorithms July 2010 DCT2009-00098-P
ROPINSKI, TIMO Universität Münster (Germany) Workshop: Interactive Volume Visualization June 2010 DCT2009-00098-P
DUCCASE, STÉPHANE INRIA (France) Advanced Object-Oriented Design February 2010 DCT2009-00098-P
HERMANN, FRANCK Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) On-the-Fly Construction, Correctness and Completeness of Model Transformations based on Triple Graph Grammars Setember 2009


Mobility seminars and courses 2008-2009


Mobility seminars and courses 2008-2009
Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
ROSSIGNAC, JAREK Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) Foundations and tools for Geometry Processing July 2009 DCT2008-0007-P
CARVALLO VEGA, JUAN PABLO Universidad del Pacífico (Ecuador) Evaluación de la calidad y selección de componentes de software June 2009 DCT2008-0007-P
Diseño de la arquitectura de sistemas híbridos May 2009 DCT2008-0007-P
GOGOLLA, MARTIN University of Bremen (Germany) USE: A UML-Based Specification Environment for Validating UML and OCL February 2009
ATZENI, PABLO Università Roma Tre (Italy) A runtime approach to model-independent schema and data translation February 2009
THALHEIM, BERNHARD Kiel University (Germany) Exception handling for information and software systems February 2009
COJA-OGHLAN, AMIN University of Edinburgh (UK) A better algorithm for random k-SAT March 2009
MARCULESCU, DIANA Carnegie Mellon University (USA) System Level Process Variation Modeling and Mitigation July 2009
STUCKEY, PETER University of Melbourne (Australia) The G12 Constraint Programming Platform November 2008
SKODA, PETER A balanced approach to security of web applications November 2008


Mobility seminars and courses 2007-2008


Mobility seminars and courses 2007-2008
Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
SAIA, JARED CULVER University of New Mexico (Mexico) Robustness in Complex Systems September 2008 DCT2007-00230-P
POULIN, PIERRE Université de Montréal (Canada) Image-based Modeling and Rendering September 2008 DCT2007-00230-P
THILIKOS, DIMITRIOS TOUPOUPAS University of Athens (Greece) Parameterized Complexity: Meta-Algorithmic Tecniques September 2008 DCT2007-00230-P
Parameterized Complexity: Algorithm design July 2008 DCT2007-00230-P
VIOLA DE AMBROSIS, ALFREDO INCO (Uruguay) Introduction to Coding Theory July 2008 DCT2007-00230-P
PEPER, FERDINAND National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Nano ICT Group (Japan) Noise-Driven Computation and Communication January 2008
GIANCARLO, RAFFAELE Università di Palermo (Italy) On Indexing and Compression: Two Sides of the Same Coin January 2008
SUGUMARAN, VIJAYAN Oakland University (USA) The Role of Domain Ontologies in Database Design: An Ontology Management and Conceptual Modeling Environment January 2008
SORKINE, OLGA/NEALEN, ANDREW New York University (USA) Interface and Algorithms for the Creation ans Animation of Surface Meshes February 2008
TURNER, DAVID Middlesex University (UK) Total Functional Programming May 2008
MARTÍNEZ LÓPEZ, PABLO E. Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina) Análisis estático de código para detección de ataques de inyección en aplicaciones web May 2008
CASTRO, JAELSON Universidade Federal de Pernanbuco (Brasil) Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering: The TROPOS CASE Juny 2008
PEÑA, RICARDO Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Generación de código con certificado asociado Juny 2008
QUATTONI, ARIADNA MIT/CSAIL (UK) An efficient Method for Larde-Scale Multi-task Learning in High Dimensions July 2008
KLEIJN, JETTY Leiden University (Netherland) Patri Nets with Localities November 2007


Mobility seminars and courses 2006-2007


Mobility seminars and courses 2006-2007
Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
SPIRAKIS, PAUL Sensores y redes ad-hoc (modelos, algorithmos y seguridad) September 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
MIDDENDORF, MARTIN Universität Leipzig (Germany) Swarm intelligence and organic Computing September 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
FERNÁNDEZ ANTA, ANTONIO Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) Elección fufura delider en sistemas distribuidos no fiables June 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
CAMPOS LACLAUSTRA, JAVIER Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) Modelado y análisis de sistemas comcurrentes con redes de Petri. Evaluación de rendimiento June 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
SCATENI, RICARDO Univesità di Cagliari (Italy) Polygon Triangulation June 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
Delaunay Triangulation June 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
Geometry compression and Triangle strips June 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
Geometry compression, Multiresolucion and Triangle strips July 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
THILIKOS, DIMITRIOS University of Athens (Greece) Parameterized Complexity May 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
NAIDEN, NEIL University of London (UK) Requeriments processes and techniques: Going beyond RUP April 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
HEIDRICH, WOLFGANG University of British Columbia (UK) High dynamic range displays and imaging March 2007 DCT2006-00766-P
FOLEY, JIM Georgia Tech College of Computin (USA) Virtual Reality: Past, Present and Future July 2007
PERINI, ANNA ITC-IRST (Italy) Requirements prioritization. The Case-Based Ranking approach March 2007
VARDI, MOSHE Y. Rice University (USA) Games as an algorithmic construct Desember 2006
ROZENBERG, GRZEGORZ Leiden University (Netherlands)


Mobility seminars and courses 2005-2006


Mobility seminars and courses 2005-2006
Professor Organization Title Dates Funding
KOBOUROV, STEPHEN G. University of Arizona (USA) Information Visualization and Graph Drawing October 2006 MCD-2003 00130
MIDDENDORF, MARTIN Universität Leipzig (Germany) Swarm Intelligence and Organic Computing October 2006 MCD-2003 00130
SPIRAKIS, PAUL G. University of Patras (Greece) New issues in Algorithmic Game Theor October 2006 MCD-2003 00130
SZIRMAY-KALOS, LASZLO Technical University of Budapest (Hungary) Monte Carlo Techniques and Introdution to CG Progamming June 2006 MCD-2003 00130
CORTADELLA, JORDI/CARMONA, JOSEP Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain) Manocomputing: a new paradigm for long-term research February 2006
CRUZ, CAROLINA Virtual Reality Applications Center. Iowa State University (USA) Estado del arte i perspectivas en Realidad Virtual Marc 2006
PALASSINI, MATTEO Universidad de Barcelona (Spain) Landscape of solutions in constraint satisfaction problems May 2006
EHRIG, HARTMUT Technology University Berlin (Germany) Graph Grammars and Petri Net Transformations May 2006
BENTLEY, JON Avaja Labs Research (USA) Tricks of the Programming Trade May 2006
ACHLIOPTAS, DIMITRIS UC Santa Cruz (USA) Recent results on Random k-SAT Juny 2006
EMBLEY, DAVID W. Brighman Young University (USA) Semantic Understanding: An Approach Based on Information- Extraction Ontologies Juny 2006
DAVID, ALAN Requirements Elicitation: How the Experts Do It? Juny 2006
AMIR, AMIHOOD Bar-Ilan University (Georgia, USA) Two Glass Balls ans d Tower July 2006
CASTELLANOS VAZQUES-GIL, MARIA GUADALUPE Intelligent Enterprise Technologies Lab. HP Laboratories (Palo Alto, USA) Business Process Optimization & Analysis Setember 2006
CAROMEL, DENIS Nice Sophia Antipolis University (France) Distributed Objects and the Grid: from Practice to Theory Setember 2006
SAIA, JARED University of New Mexico (Mexico) Secure Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Networks October 2006
MOSTEIRO, MIGUEL Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) Upper and Lower rounds in Radio Networks October 2006
KOUTSOUPIAS, ELIAS University of Athens (Greece) Equilibria, Price a Anarchy, and Mechanisms November 2006
FOMIN, FEDOR University of Bergen (Norway) Width parametres and exact algorithms Desember 2006
THILIKOS, DIMITRIOS M. University of Atehns (Greece) Faster fixed-parameter tractable algorithms for matching and packingproblems November 2005