42011 - Enterprise Information Systems (SIE)

  • Type: Elective
  • Semester: S3
  • ECTS: 5
  • Teaching Points: 12
  • Offer: Annual
  • Responsible Unit: CS
  • Responsible: Enric Mayol  and Joan Antoni Pastor
  • Language: English
  • Requirements: Good knowledge of Information Systems for Organizations and Planning and Management of Projects and Informatic Systems

In-depth study of the theoretical and practical concepts, opportunities and problems around the research of information systems in organizations, with special emphasis in the so-called enterprise systems (ERP,CRM,SCM,…) and in the various research methods and approaches in this area.

  1. Management Information Systems (MIS): Professional and research disciplines
  2. Enterprise information Systems (ES): Market impact and research problems
  3. Research approaches and methods for MIS and ES
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Research opportunities and examples
  5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Research opport. and examples
  6. Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems: Research opportunities and examples
  7. Inter-organizational information systems: Research opportunities and examples
  8. Business Intelligence (BI) systems: Research opportunities and examples
  9. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Research opportunities and examples
  10. Other emerging topics in the research of ES and MIS

Students should work the contents of the course on their own, using the selected documents for each topic. The teacher will distribute the topics and students will be responsible for explaining them in front of the rest of the group. Class sessions will be used to comment, discuss and share their points of view on each topic. Each student must hand in an end-of-course project about a topic previously agreed with the teacher.

Students must hand in article summaries and other exercises or projects along the course in order to be evaluated. Continuity and attendance will be important issues of evaluation.

  • Researching Information Systems and Computing, Briony J. Oates, Sage Publications, 360 p., UK, 2006.
  • Information Systems Research ‘ Relevant theory and informed practice, Bonnie Kaplan, Duane P. Truex III, David Waste II, A. Trevor Wood-Harper, Janice I. DeGross (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 744 p., USA, 2004.
  • Rethinking Management Information Systems, Wendy Currie, Bob Galliers (Eds.), Oxford University Press, 510 p., UK, 1999.
  • Information, Systems and Information Systems ? Making sense of the field, Peter Checkland, Sue Holwell, John Wiley & Sons, 262 p., UK, 1998.
  • Interpreting Information Systems in Organizations, Geoff Walsham, John Wiley & Sons, 269 p., UK, 1993.

Documents handed in by the teacher.
Selected bibliography.
Resources from the Association for Information Systems (AIS) website and their SIG on Enterprise Systems (SigES).
Meeting room with projecting equipment.