Evaluation of supervised research periods

Students who enrolled before course 2007-08 and still in the Software program will be evaluated according to the old regulations only by their supervisor.

For students of the PhD in Computing the evaluation of the supervised research periods will be performed by the Academic Comission of the program. The evaluation will be grounded on to reports one issued by the student and another issued by the department responsible, the tutor before the acceptance of the thesis proposal, or the supervisor/ponent after the acceptance of the thesis proposal. Thise reports must be presented inside the stablished period in the academic calendar.

In the case that a student in the research period of the program does not present the required report his/her grade will be Fail.

Note that, according to the general rules, after two consecutive supervised periods with a Fail grade the student will be discarded from the program.


For the student
For the advisor/tutor