An information-theory framework for multi-modal visualization

Master thesis data

Title: An information-theory framework for multi-modal visualization

Master Specialization: Visualization, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction
Topic Aproval date: 25/02/09
Orientation: research

Student: Roger Bramón
Thesis advisor(s):  Immaculada Boada
Contact: imma.boada at

Thesis Description
Volume visualization aims at gaining insight into volumetric data using interactive graphics and imaging techniques. The majority of visualization approaches have been developed to visualize data from a unique origin (single model). However, in certain fields, such as medicine, science or engineering, the capability of visualizing different multimodal data sets in a single image (fused model) will facilitate andenhance data interpretation.

The main goals of this project are:

  • The study of multi-modal visualization strategies and the identification of their main limitations.
  • Analyze how information theory tools can be applied in this context to enhance visualization.
  • Implement a multimodal visualization strategy and compare with classical methods. " Evaluate the proposed method in a real medical scenario.