styleBook - an interactive style social network

Master thesis data

Title: styleBook - an interactive style social network

Master Specialization: Information Systems
Topic Aproval date: 30/03/09
Orientation: professional

Student: Patryk  Kaczmarek
Thesis advisor(s): Gabriel Anglada,
Pere Botella
Contact: botella at

Thesis Description

The idea to create this work came up in response to particular demand for an information service specialized in management of hairdresser visits. The current approach, i.e.. need to make a call or visit a hair salon in person, is old-fashioned. It is both time consuming and inefficient. Lack of communication skills, insufficient knowledge of a language (>13% of foreigners in Spain) or lack of specialistic knowledge, leads to many misunderstandings. This might result in increased effort of hairdresser, dissatisfaction of a client or both.

Due to lack of similar application the solution was to create a tool dedicated to management of hairdresser visits. Besides the unique and innovative idea of the hairdresser reserve realization (includes creation of a specialized algorithm), this service will contain a social network functionality related to style matters. The application will consist of several modules (the most important are listed below):

Modules related to the hairdresser point of view:
- on-line reserve system
- template to create a dynamic web page content (presentation layer for a hairdresser salon)
- news section
- photographic client register

Modules related to the user point of view:
- reservation system for all kind of registered hair salons
- your looks section - the place to organize photos obtained from a hairdresser, your proper looks and looks of others
- showroom - a social network part
- search system based on idea of tags

Summing up, in this thesis I am going to develop an engaging, cross-platform rich Internet application using Adobe Flex technology. From the technical point of view the client part will be written using Flex framework called Cairngorm. It will be exchanging data through Remote Objects with a PHP module (amfphp framework) residing on the server.