Optimized Textured Atlases

Master thesis data

Title: Optimized Textured Atlases

Master Specialization: Visualization, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction
Topic Aproval date: 18/02/09
Orientation: research

Student: Jonas Martinez
Thesis advisor(s): Carlos Andújar
Contact: andujar at lsi.upc.edu

Thesis Description
Texture atlas parameterization provides an effective way to map a variety of color and data attributes from 2D texture domains onto polygonal surface meshes. Most of the existing literature focus on how to build seamless texture atlases for continuous photometric detail, but little effort has been devoted to devise efficient techniques for encoding self-repeating, uncontinuous signals such as building facades. The goal of the project is to develop efficient techniques for generating optimized texture atlases for the particular case of 3D buildings. Space optimization include developing techniques for self-repeating texture atlases and using perceptual measures to assign texture space in accordance to image detail.