Master thesis data

Specialization: Information Systems
Thesis advisors: Xavier Franch, Jesús Bisbal
Orientation: Research
Student: Silverio Juan Martínez Fernández
Thesis Description
This master thesis consists of one initial approach to evaluate the accuracy of
forecasting services (such as weather forecast, stock market prediction and prediction of
results in betting shops). It consists of three main parts which are: (1) to make a
systematic literature review (state-of-the-art) to identify the existing basis of this topic;
(2) to propose an architecture which deals with the accuracy of forecasting services and
fits into the current body of knowledge; (3) to monitor two web services of weather
forecast, using “SALMon” SOA System, as a proof of concept. Throughout this master
thesis, we will study different domains in which previous research has been carried out.