Fast simulation of translucent objects

Master thesis data

Title: Fast simulation of translucent objects
Specialization: VRI
Thesis advisor: Carlos Andújar
Orientation: Research
Student: Christian Gascon

Thesis Description
Many common materials, including fruit, marble and skin, are somewhat translucent. Subsurface light transport
models allow the simulation of translucent materials but at some rendering cost. On the other hand, there are some
recent studies which analyze, from a human-perception point of view, which visual cues make an object look
translucent or opaque. Some factors, such as lightsource direction, color, contrast, blurness and glossiness, have a
strong influence on perceived translucency.
This project aims at developing new algorithms and empirical shading models for rendering objects that look
translucent, with the emphasis on providing high-performance, perceptual-based shading rather than a physicallybased
solution. The idea is to devise new empirical shading models which produce physically-incorrect but visuallyequivalent
renderings of translucent objects.