Identification and Assessment of Non-Functional Requirements on Cloud Computing Architectures

Master thesis data

Specialization: Information Systems
Thesis advisors: Xavier Franch Gutiérrez, Cristina Gómez Seoane
Orientation: Research
Student: David Jiménez Martínez
Thesis Description
Cloud computing has emerged as a trend and has been acknowledged and
adopted by organizations as a key technology. However, cloud computing has
to face several challenges, like how to secure and protect the data. The non-functional
requirements (like security or performance) are commonly what
makes customers to reexamine their infrastructure and consider if cloud
computing is a solution for their needs. In particular, nowadays the
sustainability and efficient energy management has become a more and more
important requirement in the development of new technology. In this master
thesis, through a systematic literature review, we will identify the main non-functional
requirements in the current known cloud architectures and study the
impact of those requirements in known cloud computing architectures. We will
particularly analyze what is the environmental impact of those cloud
computing architectures.