Simulation of lung ventilation using a visual volume deformation

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Title: Simulation of lung ventilation using a visual volume deformation
Specialization: Visualization, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction
Orientation: research

Thesis advisor(s):
Dr. Isabel Navazo Álvaro
Student: No assigned

Thesis Description
Patients with an acute respiratory distress syndrome require an assisted ventilation. The selection of the optimal
ventilation is very important in order to prevent damage healthy structures. GPU-based visualization techniques
have become an effective tool for interactive medical data inspection. The purpose of this master thesis is to study
the viability of a novel visualization technique for a visual simulation of lungs deformation when subjected to
ventilation. Given the Computer Tomography of the lungs, an a classification of their structures based of their
density, the simulation algorithm should virtual (visual) modify the original data according to the ventilation
technique (gas pressure) to produce an image of the deformation produced in the lungs. The algorithm will be based
on a Ray-casting volume visualization algorithm and the implementation of specific data structures on modern GPUs.